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Monday, March 2nd, 2020 10:54 PM

Over a year and still doesn't work

  I am currently a SimpliSafe customer for over a year now. I have been having issues with my system since I received it. I have called multiple times to customer support, and they were trying to help find a solution to the problem, but nothing worked. I tried moving my modum, bought a stronger modum, updated my internet, moved the Simplisafe base around, purchased an extender, had new cameras sent out. I still do not have my cameras connecting to the internet, always a lost connection, or lagging. My base always is telling me there is wireless interference. I need some help to this issue, due to spending so much money on a system that hardly works, and there is always a problem.

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4 years ago

@lobozpawel  First I know the only experience that matters is your own.  For hope, I am a customer of almost 8 years, SS2 and now SS3, with 3 Simplicams and 1 doorbell and they work fine.

Now, down to basics. Putting the cameras temporarily to the side, lets start with the base.  

You said you are always getting interference.  When you say "your base is always" specifically, how often, on a particular day, time? Describe where you have your base and what's near it. (For example, in an upstairs bedroom, interior wall, about 6 feet up on top of wooden chest of drawers)

This first, then we can move on to your cameras.
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