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Monday, October 26th, 2020 12:36 AM

outdoor security camera integrated with Simplisafe

I switched to Simplisafe with the idea of switching to the doorbell and also having an outdoor security camera that is compatible with the security system. Are there ANY cameras that integrate with Simplisafe security system?

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4 years ago

No outdoor cameras.  And frankly, unless SS comes out with a completely new camera for outdoors, it will be mostly useless.  Outdoors cameras have a completely different purpose than intrusion sensing and interior cameras, where having those both integrated with each other is very useful.

Unless you have an outdoor camera which has sensing which is reliable and accurate in the outdoors environment (ie, not a simple PIR like existing SS cameras), - a camera like the indoor camera (or based on the comments, the doorbell camera),  - you are not going to get any real use out of an outdoor camera integrated with SS.

Your outdoor camera is most useful BEFORE an intrusion, so 24/7 recording is a plus, with remote access and if they have a good, reliable sensor, remote notification.  A SS camera which is only triggered by an intrusion would at best, get their backs as they leave.
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