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Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 10:48 PM

Nothing Short of Outstanding Customer Service

I needed to call SS last month regarding a question I had about my SS3 system.  My call wait time was less than 15 seconds.  The SS rep, while researching my question, noticed that the circuit board in my base station was outdated and needed to be upgraded.  She apologized profusely that the delivery would be delayed a day due to Monday being Presidents Day.  I was impressed that my question had nothing to do with the need for an upgrade module, but she took the liberty to check this and ship me a new board.

After receiving the new board and installing it, I called SS again to activate it.  Again, the wait time was around 15 seconds.  The rep, after activating and testing the new board, asked if I had any questions regarding the use of my system.  I did have a few, and he took his time fielding all of my questions.

I purchased my SS2 system in November of 2016, and upgraded to SS3 in August of 2018.  There was never a need for me to contact SS for anything other than questions and a defective water sensor.  I have NEVER experienced long wait times when calling and have ALWAYS had a SS representative who made every attempt to exceed my expectations.  

When reading this forum, I find it difficult to believe the negative comments made about the service.  Even when accidentally setting off the alarm, C.O.P.S Monitoring calls instantly, without delay.  There were times when I thought they knew I was going to have a problem and called a fraction of a second before the alarm was triggered.

I didn't mean for this post to be so long, but I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful employees at SimpliSafe and C.O.P.S Monitoring. They are absolutely AWESOME!



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4 years ago

Beautiful to hear and yes simplisafe is awesome and so is c.o.p.s monitoring center. During the holidays thats where ss falls due to the sales and they cant handle it but all in all they are wonderful.
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