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Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 12:45 AM

need help

I've had SimpliSafe for more than a year and service has been wonderful. I moved recently and have had immense difficulty connecting to S.S. technical support. When I call (and I've called several times a day) the line drops after I'm routed to technical support. The one time the call actually went through, the call dropped again once I was speaking to someone. The rep did not call me back and I would have appreciated one. I emailed twice last week and received one response; the customer service rep asked for my availability but not never followed through with scheduling the callback.  I'm unhappy with my recent experiences and am at my wit's end.

I'm having trouble with my smart lock. The PIN, Lock and Base are not connecting; however, the smart lock I installed on my front door is working fine.  Can someone please help me?


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4 years ago

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Hayley,

You will be extremely disappointed.  Although the rep. you "may" get to talk to can sound nice and helpful, in my experience, only 1 in 10 has followed through and there is no accountability.  You will get a sympathetic ear (maybe) and excuse after excuse, but no action or help.  They admit they have had my return for 11 weeks and still have not processed my refund check.  That's why my name is now The Bank.
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