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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 5:48 PM

More flexible options for monitoring boats and RVs

I noticed when I installed my system that the only options for describing my property was Home, Apartment or Business.  There is no option for letting the monitoring service know it's a boat or RV that might not always be in the location where they would be sending the authorities.

I have a Simplisafe system in my boat primarily to monitor for fire, water, temperature, electricity connection, etc.  And motion sensors, door sensors and cameras set to text me if anyone goes onboard while I'm away.  

I never arm the intrusion alarm since it looks like the only option the monitoring service has when an intrusion alarm is received is to call the local police.  One  problem with this is that the boat is not always at the marina.  If we happen to be traveling and are at a different location, we can't risk arming the system since an alarm would send the cops somewhere the boat isn't.

There are also plenty of people at the marina who can assess the situation and call the police or fire dept if they are needed.  And if the boat is not in its slip, they will know to ignore the call.

Same with fire.  If the fire alarm goes off and we happen to be travelling, the fire department will be sent to the wrong location.  

What we need is the option to tell the monitoring service NOT to call the police on an intrusion or fire, but to ONLY call the marina and the contacts on the contact list.

As a further suggestion, an optional feature you could incorporate for the future would be a GPS interface that would send the location of the boat or RV when the alarm goes off.  If it's not at its home base, there is no sense notifying the local police or fire.  And if the boat or RV itself is stolen, it could send periodic position updates to aid in recovery.

Any plans for anything like this?



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3 years ago

@lscott right about now I would think the Simplisafe Marketing Dept would be in a conference room in downtown Boston toasting your post with a glass of champagne. Great suggestions to expand their market! Especially like the GPS interface to warn of change in location!

Hope SS reads this. Another great example how the forums benefit everyone!!

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3 years ago

Hi @lscott,

First, those are some great suggestions! Second, you can actually set your account to not call the police in the event of a burglar alarm. Because we don't want to risk any customers accidentally setting their account up this way, you do have to call in to our Support Team to get it taken care of. If you call in to get this set up, the representative should be able to provide you with more details. Do note that this would only prevent the dispatch of emergency responders to burglar alarms and therefore not for Life-Safety alarms such as Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, and Panic/Duress alarms.

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