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Thursday, May 14th, 2020 3:49 AM

Monitoring Issues with Dispatch

So here is the deal.  I have had my SS alarm system for nearly 4 years.  Apparently, sometime last night after I went to bed, the home base disconnected from the system.  This has never happened before......or at least that I know of.  How I know it happened last night was by looking at the log in the app.  It showed where the alarm was armed last night, but there was no entry for the disarming of the system this morning.

Tonight I armed the system prior to heading to bed and heard a message from the base.  I looked at the keypad and it said "No connection to dispatch'.

I called SS and was left on hold for nearly 20 minutes, and so gave up and decided to research the issue using Yahoo search.  I reset the base station as per the instructions and the system went into test mode.

Usually, when the system enters test mode, dispatch calls to verify my knowing the system is in Test.  Dispatch DIDN'T CALL.
Next I armed the system, waited approximately 1 minute and then opened the front door....setting off the alarm.  I let the alarm sound for about 15 seconds and then entered the code to turn it off.  Again, NO CALL from dispatch.

Next I armed the system again and then pressed the Panic button on the keypad.  This time the phone rings.  I gave dispatch my code and discussed the issues with him.

Here is my issue with all this.  If they are monitoring system why didn't the call

1) When the system lost connectivity
2) When the alarm went into Test mode after being reset
3) When the alarm was triggered when I opened the front door with the system armed

The dispatcher was stuttering trying to come up with a suitable answer.  None was given.  The only answer was for when I set the alarm  off when I opened the front door.  He said " you entered the code to disarm the system and we don't call when you enter the code to disarm after an alarm'.

REALLY??? Are y'all that stupid?  How do you know I want being held at gunpoint and could have been forced to disarm the alarm?

Tomorrow I get a Supervisor on the phone and get to the bottom of this.  The way this was handled is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!

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4 years ago

You should know that if a user cancels an alarm within 30 seconds, COPS Monitoring will NOT call, because they consider that a possible false alarm.  If you do not cancel an alarm after 30 seconds or so, you should expect a call from them.

In test mode, you may not get a quick call from monitoring (test mode is not an emergency) - it depends on their work load, and real emergencies take precedence.  Sometimes they call right away if they aren't swamped with emergencies.  Other times, it could be hours later when they call, they at least acknowledge they received your test signal.

If your connection is off, or down, monitoring has no way of knowing.  A few years ago, SS made claims that they (SS) would contact a user if they noticed a signal had not been received in a certain time frame (I think it was a week, with SS2) - but in my experience, that is not true, when I had SS2, I lost connections and never was contacted by SS.  Btw, COPS Monitoring does not inform you of no connection because, 1) that's not their job, and 2) they'd have no way of knowing.

"No connection to dispatch" usually means you have a weak cellular signal, so when you talk to SS, they can tell you if it's weak or not from their end and advise accordingly.

Also, with SS2, if you haven't been contacted by SS yet (usually via email) regarding a new SIM card for your base station, you should bring that up when you talk to them.  The SS2 systems will need a new cell card with SIM to be compatible with 4G, since 2G is being phased out.  If a rep or supervisor tells you that you need a new cell card with SIM, be CERTAIN that when you receive it, you call SS and have them ACTIVATE IT (otherwise it won't work, it has to be activated by SS).  

I don't have an answer to the fact you show no entry for disarming your system.  It happens occasionally, but as far as I know, not very often.  Please ask SS about that when you talk to them.

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4 years ago

Imagine a world where millions of Americans are testing their alarms by setting them off like you did and millions of other Americans are accidentally setting their alarms off but disabling the system quickly.  If monitoring companies around the country were so busy calling all those false alarms, how many real alarms would get delayed?

So no, they all not that stupid, but many of their customers are.
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