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Saturday, January 11th, 2020 6:04 PM

Love my new Smart Lock

I just installed Smart Lock with Kwickset deadbolt last night.

There is blue tape to hold up the lock in the instruction sheet. But I did not figure out how to use it until after install. Blue painters tape did not work very well for me, but I got it done.

I had a couple of minor problems.
1. One of the threaded cylinders that the long bolts thread into, was stripped at the very end, next to the key side.. The original lock worked fine, as the bolt did not need to go in all the way with the old thumb turn, but using the Smart Lock bracket, the bolt went all the way in, plus a bit more, and would not go the last 1/8 inch because threading was slightly stripped. Ended up taking long nose vise grips to turn screw to free it up.

2. But Smart Lock takes less bolt length, and my bolts were slightly too long now. Instead of cutting the bolts, I tried one of the included washers for small head bolts. But my bolts were plenty big, and so included washers were too small. Found some washers, and all was well.

I did not have much trouble lining cylinder up with mine, just a bit of finesse to get red adapter to line up.

NOTE: The Smart Lock only works with single cylinder deadbolts. My front door has what I'm going to call a combo cylinder lock with button. So, I installed my Smart Lock on door connecting garage with house.  Wife feels safer now, with that door locking.

I love the operation so much, I'm thinking of replacing front door locks, and and handles to single cylinder.
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