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Saturday, June 26th, 2021 7:36 PM

Junk, Junk Junk . SimpliSafe cameras are total junk. Won't stay connected.


SimpliSafe cameras are junk. They won't stay connected. And, before you give me some of your brilliant knowledge on connecting devices, note that my Ring doorbell is further away, through thicker walls and it runs quite well off the same 2.4 extender. I have actually set these up right next to the extender. They work of a short period of time, then disconnect. It will not reconnect without physical intervention. If my Ring disconnects due to an outage or whatever, it reconnects on its own. We travel two months out of the year, what am I supposed to do, fly home to fix these pieces of junk?

Spent 30 minutes on hold today with SS, no answer, finally just hung up. Nothing more than $10 Drug store prop sitting under the eves. I remember when SS use to have customer service. But, same old formula: build a great name based on solid product and great customer service; leverage that name to sell junk and scale back customer service to increase margins. Rinse, repeat.

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