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Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 12:34 PM

Is this poor customer support typical?

had an awful experience too.  I ordered three water sensors and then called about one non functioning water sensor and was told to go through "steps," first to verify my identity and then to "fix" the problem.  After 20 minutes on the phone and four turn off and turn on alarms, I was finally told that I would be sent a new sensor that would arrive in three days.  I asked about being compensated for my time without the sensor and my time on the phone and was told I would not be, until I spoke with a supervisor who told me how great the company was.  Eventually I was offered one month free service. 

I believe the appropriate action would have been to apologize and rush me a new sensor because I received a defective piece of equipment -- clearly not my fault.



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1 year ago

@enfall2004 while there are some examples I have run into, what you are asking for is extremely rare, but let's break down your post.

First, the verfication process: bravo to SS, as if they were to give anyone information on my account I would not be a very happy camper. Sorry, disagree with you on this one. Second, troubleshooting.  Yes, can be tiresome, but this not too much to ask, if done in a competent and efficient manner.  The skill and ability of both the customer and support agent can determine the amount of time and effort.  Result: for a 20 minute investment you are getting a nc replacement and one month of nc monitoroing. Sure, could have been 10 minutes but overall I think its a tie.

SS, you should review the recordings and make sure this and all of your agents are properly trained.

BTW, after being a former Comcast and a ADT customer, compared to them, SS is a walk in the park.


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1 year ago

Hi @enfall2004 

Welcome to the community.

Our support team takes your security and privacy seriously with each call or chat interaction, so verification is a requirement before we can dig into the details of your account. I'm glad our team was able to solve the issue and get you a replacement out right away. With the Holidays, shipping might be a bit backed up but 3 days is still on track for being a fast replacement. 

I'll be reaching out with the team to see if we can review this call and see if there are any lessons we can use to improve upon the overall support experience. Thanks for reaching out and sharing this feedback with us. 

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