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Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 2:00 PM

Inventory of Simplisafe Feb 24, again.....

As we get near the end of February, Ground Hog Day wasn't that long ago and two things came to mind:

1. Great movie

2. Simplisafe

Many of you probably get the first point but please be patient with me on the second.  As I close in on my 12th anniversary as a Simplisafe customer, many, many things have improved over the years but some others just seem to fit into the movie (no offense to Bill Murray).  The "can do" and customer-centric spirit, while a bit diluted, is still here as a central theme and is appreciated.  You can witness it, see it, in interactions with many of the SS associates. Emily, Davey, and many others make it their job to address customer needs, field complaints, etc even when their answer is "Sorry, we can't do that at this time/ever" or "Wow, sorry you had to experience that train wreck but we will make it right."  

I just made two calls to the customer service dept to delete 4 instances of a credit card I needed addressed since I just added a new one. In this scenario, I was able to add a new credit card online, snap, done. Ah, but to delete it, I had to call. The first agent, who was very nice and understanding, said she deleted all 4 instances of the old card. Hung up, and went back to my dashboard to check, one left.  Another call, another great agent, and laughed as I rattled off the authentication questions and answers to him, in order, and made the same request. Snap, gone in seconds, asked me to confirm (which I was doing this time anyway) and we were both on our separate merry ways.

Thinking of Bill Murray and that groundhog, things seemed to repeat. The issue, call, issue, call......

Simplisafe, good job. Not great, good. Yes, a small issue but the company of old would have added "We are going to work on that".  

With that new "loyalty department" you need to allocate some resources to work on eliminating "Groundhog Day" events.

1. Allow online deletion of credit cards. Your customers, associates, and investors will thank you.

2. Allow "click to cancel" for the same obvious reasons and, please, spare me and all other customers the nonsense of the need, security or otherwise.

3. Get your staff to stop standing behind their desks and get them into the field, on webinars here in the community, hosting in-person regional events, etc to improve customer communication and goodwill.

4. Follow my favorite motto on processes: Eliminate what you can, innovate what you can't, and, when the best it can be, automate.  That goes for everything, how and what you do, software and hardware.

And once you do all of that, repeat, repeat, repeat. Happy late Groundhog's Day!

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