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Friday, September 18th, 2020 2:04 PM


In app Panic Button

Would it be possible to integrate an in app panic button to the system? Large dogs trigger motion sensors and it's impossible to protect every window against breakage and opening. An in app panic button would be helpful if the camera captures motion and we see something while we're away from home. The cameras aren't exactly loud enough to cause intruders to panic.

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Panic Button in App

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2 years ago

ive seen people asking for this for the last 3 years and i feel its absolutely necessary. the option to trigger the alarm/ panic button in app. simply put, a button on the dashboard that says "set off alarm"---"are you home?"---"yes or no"---(either selection should have) "set off alarm and alert emergency dispatch" or "set off alarm only, do not notify emergnecy dispatch" ... by asking if were home or not it will help simpli determine more high risk situations and appropriately notify dispatch if someone is home or not. this would help deter break in without having to get the police involved as well as benefit those who dont own a panic button or key fob or those who are not in a position to access there's safely in the event of a break in.

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