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Saturday, January 8th, 2022 5:54 PM

I complained but Now a Thank You to Steve at Tier 3 Support

Hello All;

    I've complained previously about the inability of SS to fix my system which eventually got to the point where it was non-functional(unable to see ANY WiFi

networks, nothing worked.)

   Last weekend I had a few extra hours to burn, so I figured I'd call customer support and give it another try. After being on hold for 45 minutes, I was disconnected!

But since I still had an hour or two, I called back and got Steve, of Tier 3(as he says, aka Seal Team 6) support. He did the "plug in the power cord with one battery removed" trick and, presto-chango, my base station magically could see all the WiFi networks. I then reassociated all the sensors and now have a "functional" system as far as I can tell.

   One persistent problem though: attempts at updating the system via the keypad are unsuccessful as no WiFi networks can be found.

   So, that unsolvable problem is still unsolvable. But at least my system works.

Steve told me my firmware is 2.5.200 which is the most up to date.

So what I figure I'll do is when a system update is announced, I'll see if customer support can manually push it to my system.

They probably won't be able to, if history is any guide, but I'll deal with it then.

Good work to Steve at Tier 3.


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