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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 12:04 PM


I spoke to soon when I said what do you post if your cameras are working great.  All of a sudden I start getting notifications that the living room camera needs to be charged (has been plugged in since day one).  I was away and could not address the issue.  Then get “critical battery issue and camera shuts off” still away.

I address issue when I get home trouble shoot, resetting camera.  First quick white flash, then slow red flashing light and eventually shuts off again.  I checked Wi-Fi and all way good.

So now I call and get agent that I can barely understand.  Not upset with her just frustrated as simply safe should realize the difficulty their customers may have to only have me do ALL the steps I have already completed.  I lost it when she finally asked me to go and check my Wi-Fi again.  In total I was on this call for over thirty minutes when she finally agreed to send me another camera. Simply Safe uses the self install platform for their products.  The first question that should be asked is the you follow all steps to try and correct the problem.  If your answer is yes move on.  If the answer is no then complete the process.  So bottom line is my system was not working for about 30 days and then I spent over 30 minutes on the phone.

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1 year ago

Hi @rsmoran, 

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'll pass your feedback along to our customer service team to help improve our process.  

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