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Monday, January 27th, 2020 5:33 PM

Customer Service sucks

Considering cancelling the whole system.  Takes too long to respond to phone call.   I have not had any emergency but I am wondering if they will be up to the test.

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4 years ago

By "emergency", if you mean an alarm, C.O.P.S. are in charge of handling that, and they have a stellar reputation.  If you mean, you have a question, then yes, they are not always up to the challenge (although I've never had a problem getting quick, useful responses from them).

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4 years ago

COPS Monitoring is incredible.  We've had our system for years and, thankfully, we've only had our mistakes that triggered a response...and boy, to they respond! Quick, promptly, and on top of the game.  Don't know about SimpliSafe Customer Service now, as we haven't had to contact them, but be assured that the monitoring company is great!

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2 years ago

have to agree. Staff there sold me a bill of goods. Then when I tried lower my monitoring service, and had a conversation on EXACLTY what I was doing and for how much,  they entered the incorrect info and didn;t tell me the company was about to change service rates in a few days. (I guess why they insist on make you call in to lower the service level- so there is no written record of what you actually asked for.   I notice I'm being billed at a higher level than expected, and get the run around by the cust service people. I finally demand to talk to a manager, who takes a while, then takes another long while as the manager is "checking my account"  (can be done in a few seconds). And suddenly, even tough the manager is still checking my account, suddenly the rep is able to offer me a special pricing deal...   (this means manager tells the rep to offer me something to go away).    What happened to this company? did someone buy them and start squeezing nickels and dimes? 

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