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Friday, April 14th, 2023 8:03 PM

Customer Service Has Gone to Sh*t

We've had SS for years now and we used to get really good customer service if we had a problem. Whatever happened in the last few months or years has caused that to do a complete 180. I call, and whoever answers just follows a script until they run into something they can't fix, then refers me to this stupid forum, which is just trash.  Hopefully y'all are working on it, but right now I'm about to cancel everything and get ADT or something. If I can't even trust you to help me sort out the glitches in my current system, how can I trust said system to even work properly when I need it to? 

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1 year ago

You are 100% correct.

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1 year ago

Hi @nglyshaw ,

We sincerely apologize for your experience. From our conversation over DM, it sounds like you're asking about an issue with your Smart Alarm Indoor Camera.

Because that product is currently still in beta, our Support team is not yet able to provide full assistance over the phone. But we do have articles available on the Help Center here. And if you opted to join the Beta program, you should have been invited to join the Beta Community, which can be found here.

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