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Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 11:52 PM

Customer Request Summary as of 3/28/23

Davey at SS has created an area with a collection of individual requests from customers and the status. Here is a summary that I created in Excel with the hope it will assist customers to be informed on SS's efforts to track and act on these requests. 

Title Status as 3/28/23
Biometric Authentication at Login Implemented
View Cameras on Smart Displays Not in Development
Matter Smart Home Integration Submitted
Multi-User Accounts In Development
Reorder/rearrange cameras in app and browser Submitted
Even lower Base Station volume Submitted
Android & iOS App - Dark Mode Submitted
Simplify push notifications for more info at-a-glace Submitted
Deep Sleep based on battery level Submitted
Pet geofencing and and anti-theft tags Submitted
Customize Smart Locks "Auto-Delay" Submitted
iOS Shortcuts and Siri Compatibility Submitted
More Notification Categories to Customize r Alerts Submitted
Scheduled Arm and Disarm Implemented
Alert if Entry Sensor is left open after X minutes Submitted
iPad/Tablet UI for the SimpliSafe App Submitted
Wired smoke detector Submitted
Sensor Activity in Timeline in Off Mode Submitted
Bulk Delete Videos Submitted
Timestamp on Video Recordings Submitted
Show Outdoor Camera battery percentage in app Submitted
Custom Notification Tones Submitted
Schedule motion detection on Outdoor Cameras Submitted
Secret Alert with Chime Submitted
Video doorbell for the UK Implemented
Snooze Notification for Camera Motion Implemented
HomeKit compatibility Not in Development
Gas Leak Detector Submitted
Apple CarPlay Integration Submitted
Alarm on two or more triggers Submitted
Manually set event recording times for Cameras Submitted
Email invoices automatically Submitted
Outdoor Camera Motion Tied to Alarm System Armed State Submitted
User-driven issues/resolution Wiki style database Implemented
Doorbell Motion tied to Armed State Submitted
Live guards a la Deep Sentinel In Development
Disable Record on Secret Alert Submitted
Smart Garage Door Opener Submitted
Base Station announce Component or Sensor by name Submitted
Per-Mode Setting for Instant Trigger Submitted
Feature-limited Simplisafe app that monitors cameras only Not in Development
IFTTT Integration Submitted
Water Sensor No status
Suppress non-emergency voice notifications No status
Numpad-based Keypad Navigation for Gen 3 Systems Submitted
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