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Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 9:36 AM

As a new user of Simplisafe



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2 years ago

@ paul.keith1  personal experience is the most important of all, of course, and yes, SS support is lacking at times is lacking. However, please note I dont (and never will) own an apple product (long, separate story there) and on my Android Pixel 4a, Google Nest mesh wifi, my Ansroid Samsung tablet, Win10 computer etc etc  SS3 system, including 3 simplicams AND outdoor camera work just fine. Why two different customer experiences I have no idea, as there are many different factors and thousands of miles difference.  One thing that is constant is SS support that has to step up and get its act together.

That said, I do hope your system gets to the point it is what you expected, and if not, you take advantage of the 60 day return policy. Have a good day.

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2 years ago

OH NO!  as an apple geek..... I want to hear that long story, Captain.... so get typing!  :o)

as a quick maybe not even relevant.... but security wise I "trust" apple waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I trust google!
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