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Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 2:10 PM

App: Camera Operations/Views Made Worst

Overall I'm a big fan of SimpliSafe.

However for the last couple of months it's been frustrating utilizing the application to view one's cameras quickly.
Previously it was quite easy... You would click on cameras in the app, view the camera live and have the ability to move through your camera views seamlessly while holding your phone in the portrait position or the landscape position. You would get a small frame holding the phone vertically with the ability to swipe left or swipe right to see each camera's view. If you held the phone horizontally you would get a full-screen view with an arrow to the left or right to move again quickly through each of the camera's views.

This option is no longer available at least not on my Android. Now you have to hold your phone vertically and swipe left or swipe right to see each camera's view. Then one now has to turn your phone horizontally to get the full view then turn the camera vertically...swipe left or right...then turn the phone horizontally to get the full view each time.

The ease-of-use and functionality has been reduced by making this change in the app... Please return to the other feature/layout or allow the option to control the same on one's individual devices.


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4 years ago

Hello Leonardo,

Thanks for the feedback! We'll pass it on to our dev team.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security
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