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Saturday, February 20th, 2021 7:05 PM

App and remote suggestions

I purchased a system over a year ago and mostly happy with the purchase.  However, the keychain remote seems like a waste of money and big security risk in my opinion.   We typically hang our keys by the entry door from the garage (like most people).  I can't help to think that if the intruders break in and find our keys hanging my the door, they can easier disable the alarm and freely conduct their bad business.  So I've tossed the keychain remote away for security reason.

I also think the app has a big security flaw because it can deactivate the alarm system similar to the keychain remote.  If the intruders break in and force the homeowner to deactivate the system via the phone app, the alarm renders worthless.  Why can't the phone app has the same features as the keypad where the user needs to enter the code to deactivate the alarm.  That way if the user is forced to deactivate it, he/she can deactivate it using the emergency code to summon help.

I hope SimpliSafe review these risks and update the system to improve its security further.

Thuan Bui



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3 years ago

@tnn77 no comment on your second suggestion, but on the first....don't hang your keys up on hooks near the entry door. Sorry, but I am sure many people don't do that, and in fact, I never, ever use the key fob.

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3 years ago

Yeah, it's really unwise to keep your keys (presumably to everything in your life) in an easily accessible, predictable location.  I actually do have keys on hooks near the door, but not house, usable vehicles.or anything else critical.

My important keys are always either in my pocket or in a locked box..
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