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Friday, September 30th, 2022 7:12 PM

30 second minimum

I contacted them to find out how to shorten the 30 second  time lag between breech and the alarm sounding. They told me 30 second was the minimum lag time due to laws, etc. 

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2 years ago

Hi @flygirl1212 ,

Are you asking about the countdown timer when an intruder sensor (Entry, Motion, or Glassbreak) is triggered? For Away Mode, the minimum Entry Delay is indeed 30 seconds, and for Home Mode, the minimum is 0 (so essentially instant).

But we also have a feature called Instant Trigger, which you can set for each sensor (in the Devices section of the SimpliSafe app). If that sensor is triggered, the countdown is ignored and the alarm sirens will start immediately.

We would suggest that you leave this setting off on the door that you normally use to get into the house, so you can have time to disarm the system without causing a false alarm. Or you could disarm before you even come into the house through the Key Fob, or the SimpliSafe app.

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2 years ago


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