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Monday, March 13th, 2023 2:54 PM

Water Sensor Triggered but No Water

​We installed our SimpliSafe system a few months ago, and everything was working great until (of course) we leave the state for the weekend. During these three days, one of our water sensors went offline and the other was triggered. We asked a neighbor to check out the house, but there was no water anywhere. He wiped off the device and brought it somewhere dry but the alarm kept going. Once we got back home, we tried clicking the button on the top of the sensor, holding down this button, removing the device from the system, and even removing the battery. The only way we could get the alarm to stop was to update the base stations software. ​

​Does anyone have an idea as to what happened here? I would really love for this to not happen again.​

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1 year ago

@bhathawayy ,

Sorry about the trouble! This is certainly very strange. There are a couple of things that come to mind for me.

First, if there's an ongoing Environmental Hazard alarm, and if you haven't already, you'll want to go to the Keypad and type in your PIN. That should cancel and dismiss the alarm.

Of course, if the sensor is triggered again, that will set off another alarm. So it's good that your neighbor tried wiping down the device. The Water Sensor works through the metal contacts on the underside; when a conducting material (e.g. water) bridges those contacts, that's what triggers an alarm. In this case, since your neighbor mentions not seeing any water, it might have been high humidity or condensation? Is that sensor placed in a basement or under a sink or something like that?

It is weird that taking the batteries out didn't prevent further alarms. Could it be possible that your neighbor had grabbed the wrong device, and it was actually the other Water Sensor that was triggered?

Also, the button on the Water Sensor is really just for setting up the device, and for testing connectivity while your system is in Test Mode. The best way to stop the alarm is to dismiss it on the Keypad, and then remove the cause of the trigger - so, wiping down the device to clear out any water, as your neighbor did correctly.

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