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Friday, August 28th, 2020 4:21 PM

Using water detector in sump crock



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3 years ago

If it works, don't change it!  Sounds like a cool fix :)

I would do something in addition, however:  If you have an extra piece of that foam, do a test with it and the sensor (put the foam into a cup or something with water, with the sensor on top, press the foam into the water slowly and until the water on the foam makes contact with the water sensor - then you'll know if you get an alarm/alert and can be fairly confident your sump pump setup will work properly. (btw, if you have SS3, I think the water sensor alert has a different alarm sound from the base station, and if you don't cancel the alarm in about 30 seconds, Monitoring will call but they will NOT send any sort of dispatch).
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