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Saturday, August 26th, 2023 10:31 PM

Temporarily lost connection to water sensor

Hi: Occasionally I get this error:

  • As in this case, it usually self-corrects within a day or two.
  • Most of the posts on the forum point to a weak battery, but I've changed it x 2 with no impact.
  • The sensor is about 10 m away from a keypad, so I don't think it has a difficult time connecting.
  • This happens once or twice a month.
Not crucial since the probability of a leak here is low and it always reconnects, but I'm curious if anyone else has run into this/has ideas???
Many thanks!

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10 months ago

Hi @largedoggie ,

Thanks for checking in.

The first important piece to keep in mind is that you want to consider the range between the sensor and your Base Station, since it's the Base that actually links up with all of the components (not the Keypad). Errors occur for a variety of reasons, all relating to the sensor being unable to send signals back to the Base Station.

So it could definitely be a low battery (less available power means less range), but we've eliminated that with a fresh battery.

It could also be range. Again, we're talking about the distance to the Base Station. But if the Keypad is nearby and working properly, then it's probably not the range either.

So that leaves interference. Something is literally blocking the signal. Where is that Water Sensor located exactly? I see you have it labeled as "Laundry", so your appliances could be literally getting in the way. It might help to move the sensor to a different spot, so that there are fewer obstructions between it and the Base Station.

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Many thanks for weighing in!

The sensor is indeed in the laundry, on the floor next to the washing machine.

Thanks for the info about sensors connecting to the base station, not the keypads. It is at the other side of the house from the base station. There are additional entry, glass break, and temperature sensors a bit further away from the base station that don't glitch, but perhaps the engineering of those devices is different from the water sensor.

Again, it's not a huge deal since the sensor appears to function correctly ~3/4 of the time and we have a large drain right next to the washing machine in the basement.


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@largedoggieSince there are other sensors in your home that are farther away from your Base Station and they connect without fail, interference may be at play here. You mention that the Water Sensor is next to your washing machine. If possible, I would try moving the sensor a little further away to see if that helps its connection.

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