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Friday, September 9th, 2022 5:10 PM

Failed Water Sensor during a major leak event

Well Yesterday while I was home, i had a major leak event. I found it when i went out to my garage and saw water everywhere coming from a water closet where my water softener was installed.  A hose popped off and flooded the room. Thankfully I was home and happened to walk into the garage and find it. Using my cameras i was able to discern it happened about 15 mins before I walked in. It still allowed about 3 inches to pool in the room and flow out. 

I of course had my SimpliSafe water sensor leak detector there right by my water softener and was under water basically at this point. Still not alarm no alert nothing. I start cleaning the area up and call customer support, got some great help and discovered that the sensor apparently showed to be working properly (obviosuly wasnt) but was told the account was notated and to call back the next day between 8am-5pm to speak with their specialty claims. 

Well i took pictures and moved the sensor to my kitchen counter which was (dry) and to add insult to injury it decided to alert at 2am and then again around 6am ish. I am guessing this is from it being waterlogged. 

I called back today and now appear to be with an overseas? customer service team and have been stuck in a loop and getting no where. 

I'm basically trying to find out if there is any recourse. Similar to buying a surge protector and it covering X amount of dollars if it fails to work and your electronics are damaged. Or similar to a fir alarm not going off and a fire damaging your residence. 

Any thoughts? still stuck going in loops now for over an hour on the phone. 

Yesterday evening I believe the (stateside) people got it and understood everything. 

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2 years ago

Hi @PJ601 ,

Per our terms of service, unfortunately we're not able to help with any damage. But since we are dealing with an equipment failure, I've gone ahead and requested a call from a Specialist. We'll assist in any way that we can.


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2 years ago

Well, I was just transferred to Hippo to try and sell me a Home Ins policy....Cool lol

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