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Friday, March 5th, 2021 1:27 PM

Where are the CO detectors? And why different CR123As?

What happened to the CO detectors?  Of course, I'd much prefer a combo Smoke/CO detector, but the CO detectors should certainly be available on the shopping side of the website, shouldn't they?  "Out of stock" I would buy, but they're not even listed - for either system.

I also noticed different CR123a batteries seemingly being recommended on the shopping page for the smoke detectors (panasonic) vs. everything else (duracell).  Why?  Personally, I use SureFire CR123a for all of my CR123a needs, and they're made by panasonic.  But really, what's the difference?

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3 years ago

The UL Listing on the smoke detectors was done using the Panasonic battery.  Thus to maintain the UL Listing, they would need to be replaced with the same battery.  Of course, the detector will still work just fine with any (quality) battery, and perhaps this limitation is no longer in place.  In any case, I get my Panasonic batteries from batteryjunction.com for about 1.50 each.
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