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Friday, March 1st, 2024 9:00 PM

Upstairs CO Detector should be replaced????

I keep getting a notice the CO/smoke detector says, "device has low sensitivity."

The unit was chirping twice and  batteries were replaced and I guess they are low as it's still chirping twice? Or does this mean something else. 

The message in the app says "Device has low sensitivity. Upstairs CO Detector should be replaced."

This CO/Smoke detector is probably less than a year old. It should last longer than that should it not??



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1 month ago

@loyed Call support to troubleshoot and , if no dice, ask for it to be replaced under warranty.

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1 month ago

Hi @loyed, 

Yes, your Smoke/CO Detector should last longer than that; but the CO detector part of the device has sensed that there is something wrong with its chemistry, so we should certainly get it replaced. 

If you reach out to our Support team, they will be able to replace this device for you.

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