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Saturday, April 17th, 2021 1:52 AM

Unused Smoke Alarm

I have a SS smoke alarm that I intended to install in a hallway (still might do that ) but I never finished the mounting of it. It has NOT been powered up at all.  Now I get a smoke alarm error from the base when I arm or disarm it. How can I tell the system not to do that?  If I "remove" it, will all it's info be lost (ser #, etc) or will it remain registered in the base?

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3 years ago

Hi @shirleylox,

You are receiving that error message because when a system is ordered from us, all of the devices are paired to the Base Station at our warehouse. Since you are not currently using that Smoke Detector, we recommend that you remove it from your system. This can easily be done through the Keypad by following these steps:

  • Press the menu button on your Keypad
  • Scroll up to Devices
  • Find the Smoke Detector that you would like to remove and select it
  • Scroll down and choose Remove

Once you have done this, you should no longer receive that error message upon arming or disarming your system. When you decide to install the Smoke Detector, you can easily re-pair it to your Base Station through the Keypad.

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