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Sunday, March 1st, 2020 2:07 AM

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Sensors


I just received my SS3 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Sensors and it looked exactly like my original SS Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Sensors.

I am guessing that the original sensor will not work with my SS3 even though it looks exactly like the new sensor?

Please advise.


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4 years ago

You're right, SS2 components/sensors do not work with SS3.  I have neither the smoke nor CO detectors so can't tell you what is different in appearance (they also look the same on the order page here:  https://simplisafe.com/alarm-sensors for both versions), but if you've tried to enter them into the system and it didn't work, chances are, SS could have sent you the wrong versions - call them to get the correct ones.

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4 years ago

The old sensors are not encrypted and the new ones are encrypted.  No way they can communicate in the same system.
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