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Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 12:36 AM

smoke alarm or extra siren

One of our teenager is moving into the basement guest room.
It has an "escape" window and we plan to install a smoke alarm in the room BUT according to the FAQ if one smoke alarm is triggered, only that smoke alarm and the base station sound an alarm.
In this case if the upstairs alarm senses a fire, the alarm in the guest BR would not sound.

I don't want to put a full blown siren in the basement since....they are crazy loud and any alarm at the base station will rattle the floor.

There is a "wired" smoke alarm connected to the other bedroom alarms upstairs but that may or may not be triggered.

Any suggestions for an easy solution?


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4 years ago

Not sure what you're trying to accomplish.  You can install a smoke alarm in the basement as part of your system.  An extra siren in the basement won't provide any fire protection.



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4 years ago

Using an external siren t warn the basement resident of a fire upstairs is a good idea.  If it is too loud, options are 1) i think the new SS3 siren has a volume setting.  2) in any case you can use physical means (something inside the case or an enclosure around it) to reduce the volume to the desired level.



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4 years ago

@sevensiamesecats you are correct. The aux siren sound volume can be modified.
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