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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 9:50 AM


Questions About The New "2-in-1 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector"

I just received the email announcing the new "2-in-1 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector" with a link to the product page:


I have a few questions:

1) Are the capabilities /features of the smoke and CO detectors in the 2-in-1 unit different (read: improved) than the capabilities of the dedicated smoke detector and the dedicated CO detector? If so, please explain how.

2) Why on earth didn't you all add AC power with battery as a back up to these units? This method of power (wired w/ battery back up) is a requirement in many areas so this can't replace existing wired solutions for many of us.

3) In the FAQ on the product page one of the questions is "If the Smoke & CO Detector siren is going off, will my other SimpliSafe sirens sound as well?" and the answer given is:

Yes, SimpliSafe Gen 3 products with sirens are interconnected meaning that your Base Station and other sirens such as your SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera or Extra Siren will sound in unison when there’s an emergency.

THis language is very clear that the base station and sirens will go off when the 2-in-1 goes off but it doesn't mention whether the dedicated CO detector, dedicated smoke alarm and the new 2-in-1 detectors will go off when the new 2-in-1 unit goes off. Can you please clarify the behavior here? I'm guessing this is no different than what we have currently and these will NOT all go off if one goes off.

3a) Assuming the answer above is what I expect and the other detectors do not go off if one goes off, why on earth didn't you all add this functionality? Just as with 2) above this is a building code requirement in many areas and once again you've released a product that can't replace a solution we have today.

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