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Sunday, January 17th, 2021 5:05 AM

False Smoke Detector Triggers Alarm

For the second time I was blasted out of my senses when my 3 Simplisafe sirens started shrieking at full volume while I was sitting at home watching TV. Both times they were triggered by the smoke detector. No fire, no smoke, nothing cooking in the kitchen, no steam from the shower, hadn't even touched the detector in over a year. Just out the blue the alarm starts blasting and sends me into a bewildered scramble. I will give credit to Simplisafe customer service for calling me immediately - my phone started ringing while the alarm was still piercing my ears, adding to the chaos while I was scrambling to the keypad to disable the alarm.

I have had enough with this Simplisafe smoke detector. I was so angry I almost ripped it right off the ceiling - until I realized that would probably set off the alarm yet again. So I first disabled it as a device in the software portal, then took the detector down and jerked out the battery to take it out of commission for good.  I was ticked off when the same thing happened a couple years ago, now after two times I am doubly pissed off and I reckon my neighbors are too. I will replace this so-called smart smoke detector with my old school smoke detector because two false alarms is one too many for me to handle.

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3 years ago

Hmm... this might be because there is dust in the detector. Try vacuuming the sides of the detector to clear out any dust there might be.



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3 years ago

Cans of compressed air work too. I bought a case of 12 at Costco several years ago and clean all smoke and co sensors bi monthly. Still working on my same case.
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