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Saturday, November 19th, 2022 5:35 PM

false smoke alarms

I have had three smoke alarms go off for absolutely no reason and all you guys do is send me a new one. Fortunately we were at home each every time and what’s going to happen when we’re gone, and we get a false positive? Do we have the fire department, break down the door just to find out that your smoke detector has failed again? If I can’t get this resolved I’ll be switching to a different vendor, it’s very disappointing

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2 years ago

Hi @jeffsonoma,


Sorry about your Smoke Detector troubles! Our Smoke Detectors are the photoelectric type; to put it simply, there's a chamber inside that looks out for any particles coming through. So while it's designed to trigger for actual smoke, it can also trigger for anything else that is small enough to get in there; most commonly, it's dust, especially if the sensor is in front of a vent that could blow debris into the chamber. It could even be triggered by steam!


To prevent further false alarms, we recommend identifying potential triggers and moving the Smoke Detectors away from them. For example, keep them away from your kitchen, particularly near your dishwasher, or other vents.

It also helps to vacuum around the grill of the Detector once every few months, to keep them clear.

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