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Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 9:41 PM

false alarms and fire dispatching

Hi everyone,

i have bad experience with smoke detector and firetruck dispatching.  Simplisafe could not get hold on me within 20s and dispatched firetruck. Phone could be not available for multiple reason and we have no options to stop dispatching. I  see a flow/procedure issue how simplisafe handles the events and dispatching firetruck which is not needed.
Do you guys have the same issue?



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3 years ago

@piraba.thangar short answer, no. Either you have defective sensors, or more likely, you have them installed in the wrong places.  First, the sensor that went off was CO or smoke? How many times? Where do you have it/them located?

Do not install near your furnace, stove or wet areas (bathrooms). Post back or, better, call support for troubleshooting.

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3 years ago

Whether or not you have defective smoke alarm or bad installation I don't know. Captain give reasonable suggestions for that.

But, as to the process, the monitoring dispatch procedure is clear and unwaivering. If there is an alarm, dispatch is not authorized* to decide if it is a nuisance alarm or a real alarm. That is why the process is to call you. They are doing exactly what they are tasked to do per the monitoring agreement.

If you choose to have monitoring but you cannot take calls as necessary, any time day or night, or can't remember your safe word, then nuisance/false alarm dispatch is the risk you assume.

*only exception being if you cancel an alarm within 30 seconds (the false alarm grace period).

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And remember, if you have 2 emergency contacts on file, for fire only, only 1 number will be called due to the crucial time.
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