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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 4:48 PM

CO2 Detector issue

This started about a month ago. I got the beeping noise and then the yellow light.
I replaced the batteries and it worked for a while and then the beeping started. I called techsupport and he advised me I did not have it mounted correctly on the wall.

Resolved the issue but it started again yesterday. I cannot believe the batteries need to be replaced so soon.

I took the batteries out because the beeping was getting annoying. I have a back up CO2 detector in bedroom.

anyone had this before?

Do I need to maybe reboot the base system?




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3 years ago

Are you sure it is fully seated on the base?  There is a "tamper" switch which is (supposed to be) depressed when the CO detector is fully rotated onto the base.  There is a "hump" you have to get over to reach the point which depresses the switch.

The detector gets all kind of huffy when the switch is not pressed, and uses a lot of battery power to express it's displeasure.
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