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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 4:48 PM

CO2 Detector issue

This started about a month ago. I got the beeping noise and then the yellow light.
I replaced the batteries and it worked for a while and then the beeping started. I called techsupport and he advised me I did not have it mounted correctly on the wall.

Resolved the issue but it started again yesterday. I cannot believe the batteries need to be replaced so soon.

I took the batteries out because the beeping was getting annoying. I have a back up CO2 detector in bedroom.

anyone had this before?

Do I need to maybe reboot the base system?


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4 years ago

Are you sure it is fully seated on the base?  There is a "tamper" switch which is (supposed to be) depressed when the CO detector is fully rotated onto the base.  There is a "hump" you have to get over to reach the point which depresses the switch.

The detector gets all kind of huffy when the switch is not pressed, and uses a lot of battery power to express it's displeasure.

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8 months ago

My c02 detector just started throwing this error after an update to the system.  No beeping (thankfully!) but my alerts show 5 notices that it was not installed correctly, followed immediately by "device restored" messages.  I'll be contacting support later today.

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@pat_329182​ It sounds like your CO Detector's tamper switch isn't held down all the way, which would result in this error. To resolve this, make sure that the CO Detector is fully in its mounting bracket by twisting it until you hear it snap into place. 

If the CO Detector is properly on the mounting bracket, it is possible that the mounting bracket is screwed into your wall or ceiling, causing the plastic to slightly warp. In this case, I would recommend you unmount your CO Detector, slightly loosen the mounting bracket's screws, and then mount the detector back on again.

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