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Thursday, November 12th, 2020 3:32 PM

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

My Carbon Monoxide Alarm is beeping and the "Fault" yellow light is on.  Does this mean the alarm needs to be replaced or is there something I can do to correct the problem?  If I need to replace the alarm how do I order just the alarm and not a whole system?  Also, can the beeping be turned off?    
Thanks, Gary



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4 years ago

@kris.gary just sent an email on your behafl (and mine) to SS to tell them the new Help Center is useless on this topic and should be immediately updated.

The yellow blinking light indicates the unit is not properly positioned in the mounting ring. Try taking it out, and put it back in. Should "click" when properly seated and the light should go out. If not, please call support to troubleshoot.  I take it you have SS2 and  you may want to talk to SS about an upgrade to SS3. Great system with many better features. Good luck and post your outcome here.
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