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Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 9:15 PM

building code for smoke detector replacement

Just purchased my new complete system to replace 20+ year old ADT and am waiting for 5 smoke detectors to be shipped (backlogged) to replace my existing Kidde units. I just learned that NY state (along with a number of other states) modified building code a few years ago to require replacement smoke detectors to be either hard wired or with sealed 10-year non replaceable batteries. Obviously SS (or any other DIY system) doesn't meet this requirement. SS claims they weren't familiar with this requirement and doesn't have a response for how homeowners can monitor their homes for fire if they are a SS customer.

This can't be an isolated issue - how are others addressing this once they've moved to SS?

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2 years ago

Hi there,

Yes, based on what you describe, it sounds like our Smoke Detectors are not able to meet your state's requirements. 

Of course, if you haven't already, we suggest consulting your local fire department for details. You may still be able to use your SimpliSafe Smoke Detectors as a warning system, connected to your Monitoring service. But if the building code requires new Smoke Detectors to be installed, you might need to find a different solution.



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2 years ago

Solution 1)  Have code ready detectors next to SS detectors.  As long as code is met, there can be no objection to "additional" detectors.  Non-SS detectors are fine if someone is home to hear them, but only SS detectors can reduce damage (by alerting you and the fire department) if nobody is home.

Solution 2)  Buy 10 year batteries, install them in SS detectors and superglue the battery covers closed.  To facilitate any inspection, take a photo of the 10 year battery installed before gluing on the cover, and Magic Marker the date on the detector.

Solution 3) Build/buy a hardwired line power supply and use a dummy battery to attach it to power a SS detector

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