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Saturday, January 29th, 2022 6:06 PM

UK Version of the SmartLock?

Just wondering if there's a UK version of the US Smartlock in development or being thought of? I like the idea of being able to setup a unique guest pin to allow someone into the house for something, e.g. we go away somewhere, a friend comes to feed and walk the dogs. No need to get a key cut or remember who we gave a key to etc, just setup a pin and delete it after.


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2 years ago

Hi @kelz_kent, we like this idea too :) The Smart Lock that you'll see on the US website is designed for a Single-Cylinder Deadbolt lock, which is predominantly a US type of door lock. It is used by less than 10% of UK households so currently we have no plans to bring it to the UK. However, we are looking at lock solutions at the moment and expect to have a solution for this in future. Hope this helps. Thanks, Natalie

Afternoon Natalie,

Any update on this please? I have the full simplisafe system in my UK home and am currently looking for a smart lock. Would love to have everything in one place.


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Hi @samhenderson_09​, 

Unfortunately at this time the Smart Lock is only available in the US. If anything changes an a UK model is ready to be rolled out, we will be sure to update the Community!

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