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Saturday, November 14th, 2020 8:43 PM

SmartLock PINS For VRBO guests

I understand you can set up temporary PINs for short term rental guests? That being the case say I have a guest staying from 3:00 pm Friday to 10:00 am Sunday can I set the temporary code to start say 30 minutes before arrival and expire 30 minutes after departure?

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4 years ago

Yes and no

Yes, you can use one of the PINs as a temporary PIN, such as in a case like guests.

No, you cannot set it to have enable/disable of the PIN on a date/time schedule.

You'd have to set up a PIN before or at time of guest arrival then either delete it or change it after their departure. As well, you have to put the temp PIN in one of the four existing user PIN spots as there isn't a specially-designated spot for a temp PIN.

If you have the interactive plan you can easily do it from the app.
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