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Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 2:56 AM

Smartlock Installation issue - Tailpiece too short

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue installing the simplisafe smartlock.  Basically the tailpiece of my deadbolt is not long enough, so when I install the smartlock mounting plate and put the green adapter, it does not make contact to the tailpiece at all.  Does anyone have the same issue? What are my options?  Please help.

Thanks in advance!



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3 years ago

@marvel-marvel your best bet is to call SS support, listen carefully to the prompts and hit the option for door lock support. Too difficult, in my opinion, to troubleshoot here in the forums.

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2 years ago

I had the same issue today. Tail piece is not long enough. I called support. They suggested I try a different adapter and call back. I call back bc obviously that isn’t going to work. I’m told they can’t help me but have a nice day. 

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Really sorry to hear about your situation! It really does sound like the Smart Lock is not compatible with your specific deadbolt. If you were willing to invest in installing a different deadbolt, that may be the right solution for you.

And of course, if you purchased from us, we can also help with a return for refund!

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