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Saturday, June 25th, 2022 1:42 AM


Smart Lock will not work for offset lock type

These locks are worthless if you have more newer version locks on your house.  I bought two for a new home we were building and using KwikSet locks because we have an otherwise complete SimpliSafe system and wanted the door locks to be on the same system.  The backplate on the SimpliSafe lock is poorly designed and only fits an old style lock with a linear layout.  The newer, more modern locks use an offset layout and, in spite of telling me there might be a fix and asking me to email them photos, etc, I received no response and have had to make numerous phone calls...only to find out that they won't let me return them.  Anybody want to buy two, brand new, never used, black finish, locks?  Sounds like I didn't want them anyway since they notify you with every turn of the door knob according to the above comments.

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I posted a few minutes ago and got an email within a couple of minutes telling me that they can extend the return window and I needed to call them asap.  So I called...and again, they are declining to return them.  See the email below in the pictures.

I bought these for our new home being built and tried to install them once the doors were ready but discovered the backplate will not work with my new KwikSet locks.  The plate is only set up for linear screws and lock bolt and many of the new locks being sold in recent years are offset.  I contacted SimpliSafe immediately and let them know the problem and they asked me to email a specific person with pictures, etc. because they may have a fix but needed to understand the problem.  I sent the email and you can see it below as well.  Naturally I got no response and I even gave them a few weeks to respond.  When I called again they told me the person who got that email wasn't there at the moment and I was out of luck on returning them at that point. What a farce!  I called back and asked for a supervisor who was also no help and said I was outside of the 60-day window and they didn't want to even see the email I'd sent at their request.  DAVE...you need better employees with some customer service skills!  Now today I find this community page and make a post about the problem and almost immediately get an email from Miguel M. telling me they can extend the return period beyond the 60 days and to call them...so I did just now. See his email below. (notice they didn't reply in this comment thread like they usually do). Well people,

Email I sent:

My two brand new, never installed or used, black finish locks are FOR SALE if anyone is interested!!  I'll make you a deal.

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