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Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 4:16 AM

Smart lock Out of Sync with the App

My SmartLock continues to go out of sync with the app.  My this i mean:
1) app says its locked / physical inspection shows it is unlocked
2) app says it is unlocked / physical inspection shows it is locked or unlocked

We have recalibrated the lock multiple times and for a while (not sure if it is based on the number of times it is locked/unlocked or over time) but the two get out of sync.

How can this be resolved so there is a reliable connection between the app and the setting of the SmartLock?

thank you!

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8 months ago

Hi @abaker153 ,

The purpose of the calibration is to train the Smart Lock on the correct locked and unlocked positions. But from your description, it sounds like the issue is more with the wireless link between the Smart Lock and your Base Station.

Have you already tried just resetting the Smart Lock to factory settings? You can follow the guide here. It might help in case this was as software issue.

It might also help to move your Base Station closer to your Smart Lock, to reduce the impact of physical obstructions or wireless interference.

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