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Monday, December 21st, 2020 7:29 PM

"Smart Lock not responding' audible warning

Frequent audible from the base station "Warning, smart lock not responding'. Support has been unable to resolve this. I have reset the base station and had 3 new replacements with the same problem. Replaced smart locks as well (2X). Uninstalled and reinstalled them. New batteries. Reinstalled the app. Worked with more than 10 customer support people. It started about 6 months back. Firmware is up to date. No notifications or issues in the timeline. No indication of the problem shows up at Simplisafe's end. I'm at a loss.

If you are seeing this issue, or are otherwise having trouble with your Smart Lock, we strongly suggest checking for a more recent firmware update. Look for the notification after logging into the SimpliSafe app.

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1 year ago

I figured out how to make it stop. Go into the app - Device Setting - On each door lock - Disable Auto - Lock if enabled. Home mode set to: Do Nothing. Away mode set to: Do Nothing. Off mode set to: Do Nothing. 

This way the system doesn't try to lock the door. 

11 months ago

I ran into this issue with my front door. What worked for me was the following:

1. removed the front door entry sensor and the front door lock (not the keypad)
2. re-added the front door entry sensor

3. re-added the lock (sync button is under the battery sleeve)
4. recalibrated the lock (since you’ll probably get a warning about that too)

Hopefully this helps any future travelers!

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@heftyfunseeker​ Yes! Something like this definitely worked for me. It no longer gives me the verbal warning like it did every time I tried to change the system status. The exact process for me was:

1. Unsync the front door entry sensor from the smart lock

2. Unsync the keypad from the smart lock

3. Delete the front door entry sensor from the system devices

4. Add the front door entry sensor to the system devices

5. Sync the keypad to the smart lock

6. Sync the entry sensor to the smart lock

It took me less than 2 minutes from beginning to end.

I think that the common denominator might be related to something I saw earlier, where someone found they could remove and add the entry sensor to make the warning appear. I hope that this problem does get fixed by Simplisafe, but glad this seems so far to be a decent resolution.

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