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Thursday, July 28th, 2022 8:39 PM

Smart Lock Jamming With 2022 Firmware

From reading previous posts the SmartLock jamming issue has been around for a while. Essentially the SmartLock deadbolt jams in the locked position, and then requires substantial manual force to unlock it. Almost as if the power is still powering it closed, or you’re fighting the mechanism to unlock it manually. 

I just installed 7 SmartLocks all with the new firmware (summer 2022) and unfortunately…the issue has come back. Some said the recent firmware update essentially modified the calibration routine and fixed the issue. Adding three versus one calibration passes. I give SS kudos for at least monitoring user feedback and releasing a firmware fix for the SmartLock. I want to start another thread because maybe they can do another update with enough user feedback.

I think I am narrowing the issue down to when I lock the SmartLock from the phone App and then need to unlock it manually. This only happens randomly on my 7 locks but seems to be the error setup. All other combinations of locking and unlocking don’t seem to cause an issue. Manual - Door Pad, Manual - Manual, Door Pad - Door Pad, App - Door Pad, etc. The issue arises with App - Manual. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? If we cloud narrow it to that maybe a fix could be implemented to the App or lock firmware.

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2 years ago

Hi @Mole84 - welcome to the community!

Thanks for sharing all those details with me. When running the latest firmware update to the Smart Locks (1.4.14 firmware) you'll also need to recalibrate the locks after. To do this, go to Menu > Devices > Lock > Recalibrate. Can you try running through that step and let me know if the issue comes back once recalibration is complete? 


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@alexandria_c​ Hi! Yes I have done the calibration. I forgot to mention in my original post that a recalibration “clears” the lock again but sometimes the jam comes back again after using the app to lock.

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