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Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 11:22 PM

Smart Lock - Falling Apart - Literally!

I have a black smart lock on my front door, in addition to an entire home security system by simplisafe. The battery cover on the smart lock is constantly falling off if the door is closed to quickly.... Just so happens that it fell off before we noticed and my dog ate it. I called into the support team at SimpliSafe to see how I can go about buying a replacement cover and they told me I need to purchase the $99 lock again, since I bought this from Best Buys and not them directly. I pay the monthly fee to SimpliSafe and this is the company I go to for everything else, yet they can't sell me a replacement piece or back up their system's warranty?

Who cares if this is an "Ok" system if the customer service is shit.

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3 years ago

Hello sabwaite,

I'm really sorry for that very incorrect info. The 3-year Limited Warranty covers all SimpliSafe systems, regardless of where you purchased (that representative might have been thinking of the 60-day Money Back, which does only apply to SimpliSafe purchases).

Please give our Support team a call again at 800-548-9508. Unfortunately, we're not able to replace just the battery cover. But we can replace that entire Smart Lock. The main piece might be the problem anyway, since it's clearly not holding onto the battery cover tightly enough!

- Johnny M.
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3 years ago

@sabwaite  Agree with Johnny M to have the entire lock replaced. Not that it matters but my lock (purchaed 1st week released) is still up on my front door working well. SS will make good on it and, of course, retrain the applicable agent.  Why do I feel this way? In the past I purchased 3 simplicams, right on the day they came out. Two failed within months with one wiht a broken privacy guard spring and another what turned out to be a bad memory chip. Both ,after troublehsooting with  support and serial number lookup were replaced by SS under their 3 year warranty.  A bit of hassle due to my time but SS support was easy and quick to work with. They have my trust.

Please post your outcome here is you do have the lock replaced about your expeience.

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