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Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 6:09 PM

Smart Lock doesn’t work with my Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt - tailpiece not on same plane as screws

Frustrated because I carefully read the compatibility and instructions before buying the Smart Lock - I have a Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with a thumbturn on the inside of the door and a keyhole on the outside just like Simplisafe says you need. It’s square shaped (which is just for aesthetics) but from outside appears equivalent to the circular one pictured in the Simplisafe instructions.

But once you remove the thumbturn you see that the lock design has the tailpiece part and turning mechanism NOT ON THE SAME PLANE AS THE SCREWS AND SCREW HOLES. It’s shifted below and then the Smart Lock mounting plate design doesn’t work, I cannot mount the plate where the tailpiece would fit though the center hole and the screw holes would  align to where the lock screw holes are!

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2 years ago

I had the same problem.  I figured out that it wasn't going to work after many attempts to alter the Kwikset deadbolt orientation.  I replaced the Kwikset with a Schlage deadbolt which has multiple orientations. I would hope SS alters their design to accommodate Kwikset locks mounted in either direction.

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@JayDeeOhh I also gave up and got this replacement Kwikset single cylinder deadbolt that has the supported internal configuration for the SS Smart Lock

Matte Black Halifax Deadbolt - Keyed One Side - featuring SmartKey | Kwikset

Plus most Kwikset locks have SmartKey tech so you can key this new lock to work with the existing Kwikset keys for you other lock. It costs $30-35 and easy to change only needs a screwdriver. I ordered this lock and am going to try it out.

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@avsilber  Did this replacement Kwikset lock work for you?

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@dmehall2 I ran into this exact same issue. I can confirm that the Kwikset Halifax deadbolt 100% works with the Simplisafe smart lock.


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@dmehall2 the Kwikset Halifax works perfectly, I installed it a couple months ago and added SS SmartLock and works like a charm


Kwikset is doing this more and more with their locks. Simplisafe (and other smart locks) need to catch up OR start manufacturing their own all-in-one deadbolt so that compatibility isn't an issue. 

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2 years ago

kwikset 660 deadbolt works with the smart lock.

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6 months ago

i have the same issue as the original poster. and I cannot find halifax version which will work. I don't want to replace the outside the door plate but want to replace the deadbolt to work with SS. Any suggestion?

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@subs​ We don't have a list of specific recommendations, but the Smart Lock is designed to work with most single-cylinder deadbolts. I've seen a few recommendations in this thread from other users, like the Kwikset 660. 

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