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Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 7:23 PM

Smart Lock compatibility


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3 years ago

They sorta tell you.  

Door Key
Works with your current
lock and key*

Door Lock
Install over almost any
deadbolt with just a

No Drilling
Get it up and running in
an hour or less--no
drilling needed

*Requires single-cylinder deadbolt

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3 years ago

The Simplisafe Smartlock appears to be incompatible with a single cylinder Medeco deadbolt lock. The tailpiece on the Medeco lock inside the door is surrounded by a circular piece that does not permit connection to the SmartLock with any of the supplied adapters. The tech support person I spoke to about it was clueless and after some researching on her part I was told that my lock was not compatible. I'm still hoping she's wrong, that they do make an appropriate adapter for the Medeco deadbolt. It is a very popular high security lock and Simplisafe made no mention of it's incompatibility.

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1 year ago

Also incompatible with KwikSet.  Ugh, wish I'd known before ordering.  

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9 months ago

Reading the post sure would appreciate a Program Manager to respond. This product feature request is over 3 yrs old. I have a Medeco deadbolt lock because of its outstanding reputation. The problem can't be engineering, SS has had 3 yrs to reverse engineer a solution. The only stumbling block that I see and SS will not comment on is a Legal issue. Again, a PM would be good to hear if Medeco compatibility will be included in the next product release or not... Looking at other Smart Locks products but would prefer to stay with SS product line.

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