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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 9:28 PM

Simplisafe smart lock will not allways disengage (when set electronically) by the manual method

I have been a customer for at least 9 years. on Oct. 21st I purchase your smart lock. After about 2.5 weeks it turned into a dumb lock. If you manually lock and unlock there appears to be no issues with the lock but when you use the system / app. to lock, occasionally the the lock will not disengage to unlock manually. You have to severely force it to unlock or use the app.. As you can see this is a safety hazard if a quick escape is necessary, especially for children. Every time I call no one seems to be aware of the issue so I attached the following  link of at least 25 complaints. Same issue. You have to know.https://www2.simplisafe.com/forum/safe-city-living-forum/safety-talk/simplisafe-smart-lock-major-safety-issue. I have tried twice to get the lock replaced and I am still waiting. My next step is the CPSC.gov. This is not something to take lightly. Please let me know what is being done to correct the issue.

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3 years ago

Hi @jsmswiwf,

You're correct that we need to make sure to take any safety issues such as this one seriously. As a security company, the safety of our customers is our top priority. In your case, it seems like there is a mechanical issue that is preventing the Smart Lock's motor from disengaging. While this doesn't seem to be a widespread issue at this time, we want to make sure to avoid issues like this one as much as possible and as such, have made sure to mark your old one to be sent to our engineering department for further evaluation once we have received it. This will allow our team to see exactly what caused the issue to make sure that it won't happen again.

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3 years ago

I'm having this same issue. New lock installed. Works great manually locking and unlocking. After locking via the app the motor stays engaged and I have to really force it to unlock also waiting for the motor to slowly disengage. Was there any resolution here?

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3 years ago

Is there an update here? Did a new lock resolve the issues?
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