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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 8:42 PM

Simplisafe lock getting stuck

My SimpliSafe lock keeps getting stuck in either the locked position to where I need to manually crank it hard to the left or won't let me lock the door and then have to go to my app.  This seems like such a major fire hazard and not an uncommon issue.  Has anyone had any luck with resolving this issue? I'm about to change it out because my wife can't turn it hard enough to unlock it in the event of an emergency. Thanks.

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3 years ago

Hi nicc118,

The first thought is that your Smart Lock might be miscalibrated. So we'd suggest heading into your Keypad's Menu, then Devices > [your Smart Lock] > Re-Calibrate.
Re-calibration forces the Smart Lock to refresh and look for the correct locked and unlocked positions.

But if the problem persists, we absolutely need to get that unit replaced. Please call 800-548-9508 and we'll get right on it.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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3 years ago

That is clearly not the problem as this forum is full of people having the same issue. It will get stuck in either location requiring a hard force to either lock or unlock manually.

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^^I agree.  This is happening to two of my three locks.

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3 years ago

Mine is also sticking. Recalibrating does nothing for this issue. It seems like an internal issue in the manual knob for me. Something is catching and not allowing the manual knob to turn. This is an issue they need to fix.

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3 years ago

Hi @erictaft591,

Hmm, if re-calibrating the Smart Lock didn't fix your issue then I recommend that you call our Support Team for some more hands-on troubleshooting. We can be reached at 1-800-548-9508 from 8 AM to Midnight ET, 7 days a week, and can replace the Smart Lock if necessary after troubleshooting.

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Your support team knows nothing. They are reading from a scrip, often on the wrong page.

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2 years ago

Ive had that problem on and off for the last six months. So I finally called support. After many questions the problem was not resolved. It seems that they have no information on how to trouble shoot the lock on the computer so are clueless. They seem unaware that there even is a problem.  No mention of it being a SAFETY ISSUE or replacement. I'm to call them back the next time it jams. The rest of the system has worked flawlessly for years. I will do that then insist on a replacement and not recommend the product until they do. They aren't the only security system on the market anymore.

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6 months ago

I agree. The support team has no xpertease.

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