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Thursday, March 10th, 2022 9:05 PM


Serious Smartlock problem on multi door installation

I recently purchased three Simplisafe doorlocks to separately secure three areas of my home. Unfortunately it turns out all the pins work on all the locks!! This is a very serious deficiency in the product. It means you can never secure separate areas using these locks, they are ONLY suitable when used with ONE door.  

It seems to me this is something the product team should rectify urgently. In the meantime I need to now uninstall the locks and get another vendor product.

I would appreciate hearing a view from the Simplisafe product team on what they can do to fix this. 


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2 years ago

Hello @marka261 ,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock is tied to your system and uses the same PINs as the main system - so unlocking also disarms the system in a single step. There is currently no plan to customize separate PINs for each lock if they're all on the same system.

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@davey_d​ Thanks for the response.  I personally think that is a problem and severely limits the usage. This limitation is not made clear anywhere in your literature, in fact it implies multiple pins  and flexibility. This should be flagged to anyone buying more than one. I have wasted a lot of money installing to find this out. 

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