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Tuesday, March 15th, 2022 8:08 PM

Lock questions...

1. Are there any plans to have a white pin pad for the door lock?  Anything black will bake on my SE facing door and could actually burn someone.  Besides for our door color I'd much rather it was white.

2. As an alternative I guess I could not use the PIN pad and always use a phone app - but what about guests, it looks it is suggest I use the SimpliSafe app to unlock.   I don't think that works since there's no such thing as a guest account for it that could only unlock/lock, only guest pins.

3. The website is now showing 13+ weeks for delivery.  Is that just supply chain issues or is there about to be a new model.  I hope the latter since maybe that will fix 1. and also my Kwikset lock compatibility issues.

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2 years ago

Hi s13n,

Right now no, we have have no news about further color options for the PIN Pad. And yes, that is the estimated delay due to supply issues. If and when there's a new model on the way, we would absolutely let you know.

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